Until Brazil Excerpt by Bethe Lee Moulton

Every jetsettler knows the truth in Thomas Wolfe’s title, You Can’t Go Home Again.  When new horizons challenge and change one’s worldview, it is exhilarating but can also be painful and scary. Even as one makes new connections in new places, the explorer can feel isolated from family and friends in their homeland.

My just published novel, Until Brazil, captures the journey from a single cultural orientation to a broader worldview. Despite the warnings of her sister and the protests of her husband George, protagonist Beth Bartlett seizes the chance to prove herself as an international strategist. She heads for Brazil with a virgin passport, no Portuguese, and the tried-and-true methods for strategy formulation.

However, Beth quickly discovers that “by-the-book” doesn’t work in Brazil. She must abandon her comfort zone, embrace outlandish ideas, and keep pace with shrewd executives. The jogo de cintura (flexibility) valued in Brazil runs counter to her firm’s policies and practices. The sensual allure of this exotic country contradicts her puritanical roots. As two worlds collide, Beth’s strategic choices will reshape her client and her career, her love and her life.

One of the satisfactions of being part of the JSM community is knowing that there are soul mates who’ve had the wrenching experience of feeling like a traitor to the old while embracing the new. From the pages of Until Brazil comes one example of such a moment when the heroine returns to Boston after her first business trip to São Paulo:

Despite my intentions to immerse myself in Boston life, Brazil kept intruding.

When I unpacked, the smell of stale tobacco filled the neutral air of our bedroom. I quickly stuffed the clothes into a plastic bag before the odor could permeate the room. The cleaners would freshen up the rumpled purple dress, but chemicals would not erase the memory of Jaco’s admiring looks.

The simple task of opening the mail evoked comparisons. A flood of solicitations had come. On top of the pile, George had left an itemized list of last year’s tax-deductible gifts. A scrawled note read, “Same as before.” The March of Dimes. The Red Cross. Habitat for Humanity. The United Way. Save the Children Federation. Following instructions, I wrote five checks; I licked five stamps. Instead of seeing letterhead and return envelopes, I saw Gorginho begging on a street corner. Faceless charity felt different this time. Watching Sam transform Paulinho’s life had changed my perspective on doing good.

I pulled my passport from my bulging briefcase; I would store the blue booklet out of sight until my next trip. My hand fell on the cassette that Sam had given me. Happy that George was elsewhere, I dug it out, ripped off the cellophane wrapper, and popped the tape into our stereo system. Bossa nova flowed over the Oriental rug and leather furniture. Syncopation and spongy Portuguese reached out to console me, but not even Jobim could fill the uninvited void.

Fellow jetsettlers can enjoy the complete journey with the e-book (available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad) or the print book from Amazon.com.  More information, readers’ reactions and links to purchase can be found at www.untilbrazil.com

Until Brazil
Author: Bethe Lee Moulton
Paperback: 264 Pages
ISBN-10: 0983636567
ISBN-13: 978-0983636564
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