Review: “Expat FAQ – Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic”

Before any aspiring expat decides to make the move to a new country, mostwill do as much research as they can so that they know what to expect and how they will make things happen once they get to their new home.


As far as the Dominican Republic is concerned, there are only a few books available for this research, two of which are by the authors of Expat FAQ. Ginnie Bedggood’s  first book, Quisqueya – Mad Dogs and English Couple about her early years here in the Dominican Republic with her partner Grahame. A more recent book is by both Ginnie and Ilana Benady on Dominican Culture: Dominican Republic – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture.

The first is an amusing and insightful look at life in the DR some 20 years ago from the point of view of a newly arrived expat couple, and the second book takes an indepth look at the customs and culture, helping the expat to understand both the people and the country.

I expected the latest book, Expat FAQ, by Ginnie and Ilana to be similar, but to my surprise, it was not like either of their former books, nor a combination of them.

Yes, there are references to day-to-day life here in addition to some information on cultural aspects, but this is not a book which gives you a general idea about living in the Dominican Republic.  This is not the book you read once then put it on a shelf to gather dust.  This is a book you read before you come here, and then it proves its usefulness, because you will be checking it on a weekly basis for how to do something, where to find something, the laws about something else, and the way to solve the issues which arise on a daily basis.

Expat FAQ is not a light-hearted yet revealing read about the Dominican Republic and its people. It is a veritable encyclopedia about how to actually function here: from how to obtain residency and a Dominican driving license, to how to buy a house, arrange health insurance, how much things cost, and a host of other useful information to enable the new arrival and, indeed, the existing expat to make their lives in the DR a whole lot easier and smoother.

The book is intelligently divided into sections—Why, Where, What, Who, and How—which make a perfect framework to answer all the potential questions a newly arrived expat might have.

It is full of detail and not merely general topics.  One of my favourite parts is the “Where” section, where the book describes each of the areas of the country and gives information to help the new arrival decide where to live. Many people simply do not realize how large the Dominican Republic is and the major differences there are between the different areas of the country.  This section will enable the new arrival to make a much more informed choice, based on what is most important to them.

As well as explaining how things are done, the book also makes it easy for you to do it yourself, as it is crammed with useful data: telephone numbers, internet links, addresses, which up until now were not available in one place.

It is quite simply an invaluable and indispensable tool for all expats who live here and those who are considering moving here.  Do not leave home without it.

Expat FAQs: Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic
Author: Ginnie Bedggood and Ilana Benady
Paperback: 360 Pages
ISBN-10: 1907498729
ISBN-13: 978-1907498725
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